Aydogan A.S

About us

Aydoğan A.Ş which was founded in 1991; started to trade activities of profiles, steel, metal and wrought iron.
With superior performance demonstrated in profile-iron sales, our company took the ninth place in sales of profile iron, and won the first place in sales of wrought iron in Turkey. It expanded company success in national scale.

Through with the necessary progresses in Petroleum, construction,Mining Sector, Solar Power Plant (GES), travel agency and agriculture sectors, it has become the most important company in the region along with participations. Our company has continued its construction and tourism activities by building Goldcity Tourism Complex and additional investment developments in time; it has brought in one of the biggest development for the region and country economy.

Our company develops its investments with its own funds ,has continued to contribute to the economy and tourism by bringing in two more hotel developments, Gold Island Hotel and Gold Island Mondo of which completed in 2011.

Our company closely follows innovative and technological improvements globally and needs both in the region and in national stage with our globally branded developments of which principles are service quality, reliability, respect for the environment, recycling systems, and most importantly human respect. Accordingly, the construction of the Goldcity Inn Boutique Hotel within the Goldcity Tourism Complex was completed in 2020 and started to serve. On the other hand, the construction works of 47 villas with private pools and nearly 300 flats in 12 blocks in total around the Goldcity Tourism Complex have been continuing since 2021.

Besides, our company continues to Research and development work in some sectors which provide contribution to Turkeys’ economy.

Our company, which invests in human, holds its values by rising up its expansion and stability target, is decisive to move on its reliability policy along with quality and service approach to the highest level.
Aydoğan A.Ş targets to make difference in its sector by implementing requirements of Quality, Food Safety, Guest Satisfaction and Environmental Management Systems, sustainable environmental implementations and continuous improvement approach with its professional team.

Aydoğan A.Ş is committed to provide all necessary resources for sustainable environment as a social responsibility. For this purpose; Reduce waste at source and disposed in accordance with the rules allows, contribute to environmental projects, reduces waste by using Raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently, and gives importance to wildlife and biodiversity. Aydoğan A.Ş commits safe food, nature-friendly and offer a high standard of service.